Monday, 14 January 2013

Las Vegas.

A couple of months ago, last November, me and one of my good friends, Beth, were lucky enough to go to Las Vegas for 5 nights. We got a ridiculously good deal that we just could not turn down. We stayed at the Excalibur hotel, which was in quite a good location. We also booked ourselves a little excursion over to the South rim of the Grand Canyon, and even got to fly in a helicopter over it, it was such a once in a lifetime experience. It's the furthest I've ever been from home, and especially without my family. Beth had never been to the states, so it was lovely to get to introduce her to Dennys and other American brands we don't get to enjoy over here. We was so over whelmed with the experience, we barely had chance to relax, we just spend the whole time exploring and seeing the sights. I 100% cannot wait to go back, but next time will make it more of a holiday trip, rather than constantly walking around (it does get quite tiring)


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