Thursday, 7 March 2013

Holy Foals.

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Last night I went to see Foals at The Institute in Digbeth, Birmingham. If you haven't heard or brought their new album, 'Holy Fire' yet, then I highly suggest you do it right now, because it really is a work of art. Never being the biggest Foals fan, it made me fall in love with them. So I was quite excited to see how it sounded live. Me and my friend were unaware of the times of the gig, despite The Institute's Facebook posting them hours before the gig started. Being a fairly regular attendee of gigs, I presumed that the band would start about nine, but I've never been more wrong, Foals came on stage about quarter past eight, meaning we missed the first three songs. Which I wouldn't have been as bothered about, if their new single 'my number' wasn't one of those three. Nether the less, we got there half way through 'Blue Blood' and got ourselves a fairly good position in the crowd. The only way I can describe the gig, was hectic and wild. They really were a pleasure to see live, and Frontman Yannis, has a ridiculous amount of energy, jumping into the crowd and running around the venue to various points to play solo. They played a lot from their previous two albums also, Antidotes and Total life forever. Hearing songs from their second album made me appreciate it so much more, and sometimes that's what you need to really understand a song or record, to hear it and see it performed live. 'Inhaler' absolutely blew me away, and I cannot wait to see them on the festival circuit this summer to watch them again, and finally get to hear and see 'my number' being played.
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Chanel xox
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