Thursday, 9 May 2013

Summer Vibes.

As Summer seems like it's literally around the corner, I've decided to piece together some of my favourite shoots at the moment, which are inspiring me and getting me in the mood for the season.

Venetia Scott for Self Service Magazine (Elle Fanning)
The colours in these images are so attractive to me at the moment, I'm currently lusting after all things pastel, so these kind of nostalgic, suburban American themed images are satisfying my visual needs.


Juno Calypso - JOYCE.
I have absolutely fallen in love with this set of photographs by Juno Calypso, they're self portraits by Calypso of her Alter - Ego "Joyce". Once again the colour of these images are mostly what please my eyes, but the whole vintage feel to them work so well.

Petra Collins for Oyster Mag (Tavi Gevinson)
I couldn't possibly mention summer vibes and femininity without bring Petra Collins into the equations, that and the fact I could look at Collins' work all day long. 

Michael Hauptman for ASOS magazine (HAIM)
Couldn't possibly make a blog about Summer vibes and not bring Haim up. I think they might become the soundtrack to the my summer, and I'm hoping to catch them at Glastonbury next month too. These photo's for ASOS magazine recently give off excellent holiday vibes and sisterly love.

What inspires you most for Summer time?


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