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Favourite albums of 2013!

okay, so we've had a pretty fantastic year for music. I found it quite hard to only have FIVE albums for this post. I've been very lucky also this year, I've managed to see (and meet) many amazing musicians, I might have to make a separate post rounding up those fantastical musical moments that have summed up my 2013, but for now, we'll stick to albums.
okay. so...

Foals - Holy Fire.

The third album by foals, I wasn't excited for this at all, and I wasn't much of a fan either. I'd owned their previous album, total life forever, since it came out but never really gave it much attention. My friend Katie persuaded me to buy a ticket to their gig earlier this year (one of my previous posts) so I thought that I should probably download the album and learn some songs. OH my, I think I listened to it for a good three weeks straight, and by the time I had seen them live I was completely hooked, I must say I've dug out their previous albums since and have fallen completely in love with 'total life forever', an album that had sadly been collecting dust on my music shelf for some time. 
I managed to catch them at Glastonbury festival also this year, and they just really are one of the best live bands I've seen, they do their album so much justice live. 'My number' is a track I will listen to in 5, maybe 10 years time and remember this year, it was constantly played at Glastonbury festival and it brings back so many amazing memories of the summer.

TOP THREE TRACKS; 'My Number', 'Out of the Woods' and 'Bad Habit'

Paramore - Paramore.

Let me start, by saying that I am a completely biased in everything you are about to read, I've been a fan of Paramore since I was 16 years (only like 7 years ago kids..) However, by the time their fourth album dropped I wasn't completely interested and had kind of forgotten how much I actually adore this band and howling along to pop-punk-emo-however-you-want-to-describe-this-band music. I gave it ago and all those teenage feelings of wanting to be Hayley Williams came flooding back. I feel like Paramore are a band that get more and more 'pop' with each album, probably down to the fact that they're two farrow brothers down. Hayley's voice is more amazing than ever, and she never fails to have me in awe. 
TOP THREE TRACKS; 'Crazy girls', 'Ain't it fun' and 'still into you'

Arcade Fire - Reflektor

It was so hard for me to chose between my two and three spots and where to put what. I feel like no matter what I write, I'm never going to do this band or album justice, THEY'RE JUST SO SPECIAL! I've only put this as my third since it's the latest album on this list, and I haven't listened to it quite as many times as the other two!
I don't even know what to say about this album, other than just listen to it.
I was lucky enough to see "The Reflektors" at the roundhouse in London early last month, it was such a magical night! They made everybody either wear formal attire or fancy dress and everyone looked spectacular, they sounded amazing, and I even spotted Florence Welch, she walked straight past me, amazing. Just, amazing. I love this band and if they're not headlining that Pyramid Stage at Worthy Farm next year, I will be bitterly disappointed.

TOP THREE TRACKS; 'Here comes the night time', 'Normal Person' and 'Afterlife'.

Haim - Days are gone.

Everyones favourite girl band at the minute, show me someone who doesn't want to be the fourth Haim sister and I'll show you a liar. It took me a while to catch on to the Haim band wagon, I missed them support Florence + the Machine late last year, even though I knew exactly who they were. I don't know if I love watching this band, or I just love watching Este's bass face, either way, I enjoy this band a lot, and I couldn't tell you the amount of times on I've danced around my house to 'Forever'
This is just the perfect mix of pop and guitar that everyone needs in their lives, sadly we didn't get this album untill later in the year, which is unfortunate as it is built for the summer time, so many good vibes going on here.

TOP THREE TRACKS; 'Forever', 'Honey & I' and 'Let me Go'

Arctic Monkeys - AM

The band of the year, no doubt. 
(I have A LOT to say here)
I've been a monkeys fan from day one, however, I was unfortunate enough to witness them headline Reading Festival back in 2009, I do not care what any body says about that gig, it was the most disappointed I have come away from a gig, ever. So to hear that they were headlining my beloved Glastonbury festival I was filled with my excitement and anxiousness, like I've said, I love this band, but I really wanted them to give me a better performance than they did 4 years ago. 
They did, of course. There was a lot of mixed feelings about that performance at Glastonbury, but I came away absolutely blown away. They had nailed the set list and Turner turned on the charm (listen to this beautifully put together set of clips of him saying ridiculous things to the crowd ) 
, so, the actual album, after all my doubts about this band had been washed away by the somerset mud, I was so so excited for this album, and they didn't let me down. Every song on this could be a single, It's just a bloody triumph. They're the best band in the world right now, they've nailed they're live show and they've made an album made of absolute choons. But where are they gonna go from here?

TOP THREE TRACKS: 'Snap out of it', 'Number 1 party Anthem', 'R U Mine'.

I couldn't list every single album I've loved this year, but here is a quick run down of my other favourites;

Peace - In Love
Kate Nash - Girl Talk
The Strypes - Snapshot
Miles Kane - Don't forget who you are
CHVRCHES - The Bones of what you believe
Lorde - Pure Heroin
Tom Odell - Long Way Down
Queens of the Stone Age - Like Clockwork


There's so many albums from my favourite artists we're supposed to be getting next year,  including, Kasabian, Maccabees, Bombay Bicycle Club, Florence and The Machine,
I can only predict next year may be even better!

What are your favourite albums from the year? Which ones are you looking forward to hearing next year??



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