Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Monthly Obsessions//January.

I decided to start a routine (ala Beyonce) of making a blog post once a month of things I've been obsessing over. Here's my first one for this year;

One of my favourite things about the beginning of the year is award season, I'm such a geek when it comes to all things oscars and baftas, to watching every red carpet to see what all the stars are wearing to getting so overly passionate about my favourite movies from the past year. This years oscar nominations were just announced last week, so that means I have to religiously watch everything that has been nominated, especially everything that's up for "best picture". So far I've only gotten the Wolf of Wallstreet ticked off the list, but I WILL have watched everything come Academy Awards night.

I've got a bit of spare cash from christmas and my birthday lurking about, so what better than to try out some new Lush products. I've recently spent a small fortune on buying their brilliantly natural products, including hair conditioner and face masks. I've jumped on the lush bandwagon and I'm loving every minute of the ride.

I have a soft spot for collared anything as it is, but lately I've been lusting over these! they pink and green ones are from prettylittlething.com and the black is from missguided.co.uk. They're so cute, and can be worn day or night.

My latest musical obsession comes in the form of trio London Grammar. It took me a whilst to bring myself to buy their album, simply because I've gotten so into the habit of listening to an album on spotify first to see if I like it, but since non of their music is available on there, I've had to take a gamble on the few songs they've already uploaded to their sound cloud and youtube. I'm betting they're going to be pretty huge this coming festival season. Pretty upset I won't be seeing them on their upcoming tour, as they're clashing with another gig that night.

A lot of people rave about AHS, but I haven't even watched the previous two seasons, however my dad happened to have it on one night, and I was hooked. I'm not sure which supreme I love more, Jessica Lange or Emma Roberts, but they're both babes. As you've probably noticed from a previous post, it's even taken over my style choices! 

January blues have been hitting me big time, and all me and my friends are doing is looking at holidays online for our summer getaway. We're only planning on Cancun at the moment, but last year i ended up going away THREE times on holiday, so I'm holding out hope that this year we can squeeze in a few more little getaways

It is the colour of the moment, but I can't stop buying things that are the colour pink.
I am obsessed. 
Not too sure if I want this obsession to be over though. 

What are you obsessing over this month? Any new bands you've discovered or a fashion trend you can't get enough of? 
let me know in the comments :)

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