Saturday, 8 March 2014


It's December, I'm walking around hundreds of shops, in hopes of finding glorious gifts for my nearest and dearest. I happen to have strolled into Boots (also known as one of the deadliest places for my bank account, you go in for some hairspray but you come out with £50 worth of stuff you never even knew you needed) As I'm waiting to pay for my 3 for 2 items, I spy a nifty little can on the promotions shelf without a price tag (surely it's CAN'T be that expensive?) ha, I've never been more wrong. This tiny bottle will set you back a hefty £15! As it went through the till, I put on a brave face, but didn't dare to mention this was a little more pricey than expected so I will no longer be taking it home with me, oh no,  I wrapped it for my younger sister as a little Christmas gift, knowing she would adore to have pink in her hair without being shouted at by her school for having it in the day after.

Almost 3 months after I had given it to my sister, I found it unused in her room, and since I was feeling very pastel on this particular day, I decided to give it a go. I am lover of coloured hair, especially pink. I had used other spray in hair colours before, but they just made my hair go very straw like (and it does that quite enough by itself) This, however, doesn't make me look like a scarecrow, and after you've brushed it out, it does look as though it could have been dyed. I enjoyed being partially pink for the day, because this also does wash out well, and there is absolutely no sign of it after you've had a shower. 
That price tag though, the can is really small, and even though there is plenty left inside, I just couldn't justify spending so much on such a small item. Quite a nice investment if you've got a special occasion (i.e fancy dress party) and just want a quick wash out job!

Have you tried these spray chalks? would you consider buying it?
I have been having thoughts lately on actually dying parts of my hair pink (again) what do you think ?

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