Saturday, 1 March 2014


(clockwise- Our new bunny Sasha, Night out with Tammy, Cocktails in Jekyll & Hyde, Reflex with Amy on a monday night, Foals, Bows at Beyonce, w/ Katie in Camden, The Queen, Pre NME awards)
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Bombay Bicycle Club - so long, see you tomorrow.

Happy March everyone!
I made this post to look back at the past month, and decided to make this instead of a monthly obsessions feature, simply because the only thing I've really been obsessing over the last month is the new album from Bombay Bicycle Club.

The past month has been very good to me, and was definitely a nice turn around from January. The highlight of the month was undeniably seeing Beyonce again, a night I wrote about here. My social life went a little wild in February, but will surely be calming down over the next few months (deadlines and holiday savings oh my) 

I'm slightly sad to see the back of February 2014, as I said, it's been wonderful to me and I've made a lot of memories over the last 28 days. March (and April for that matter) are looking quite bleak, with deadlines coming up and with not so many events planned, I'm hoping that they will fly by and it will be summer time soon (this is always the time of year I start itching for some sunshine and beer gardens in my life)

I really fell flat when trying to come up with a monthly obsessions post this month, and really the only thing that came to mind was So long, see you tomorrow, an album from one of my favourite bands, Bombay Bicycle Club. I am one of those people that wait, and wait, and wait for new music from my favourite artists and then get greedy when they finally come out by not listening to anything but said music. This album was no exception. 
It is a super feel good album, and makes me feel so happy when listening to it, I think BBC are like that as a band anyway, it has really good vibes and it is going to sound sooo good this summer at festivals.
Lucky for me, my only plan in March is seeing these live at the o2 Academy, so I get to hear parts of this gem live. If you haven't already you should go and spotify this album right now, or if you've never paid any attention to Bombay Bicycle Club, go and give their whole discography a listen.
If you like feel-good music with lots of instruments this might be your new favourite band.

what have been you're February highlights?
and what are you most looking forward to in March?

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