Wednesday, 26 March 2014


(Top - Just for 5 pounds*. Skirt - Primark. Shoes - BANK. Bag - River Island)

Before I start, let me just start off by asking for a small favour. You may remember my "Packing for a weekend away" post, well, it was for a competition called BLOG4TREK (ran by Well, I made it to the top 10, and now I need YOUR help, by clicking here and liking my entry. Just by liking you're also being entered into a prize draw and could even win a little prize yourself, so please, it will take two seconds of your time!

We all know money can be a little tight sometimes, but if you are a self-proclaimed shopaholic like I am, it's hard to give up buying clothes. However, finding great items to update your wardrobe isn't as hard as it may seem. Last week I was contacted by Stephanie at, everything they sell is, just for £5! They sent me this lovely over sized, check print shirt, and I would happily pay £5 for it! The material is only thin, but it has a nice silk texture to it, so it looks fancier than the price tag. I wore it the day after I recieved it with skinny jeans also, and it goes just as well with a more casual look. The size they sent me 4 sizes bigger than what I usually go for, so it is massive on me, but tucked into this faux leather skirt, you can't really tell. Lily Melrose  featured this skirt about a week or so ago, and knew I had to find it. It's pastel so I'm automatically in love with it. It's slightly longer than I would've liked, but for £10, I can't complain. I found the shoes in the sale section of bank for a tenner! They have a tiny heel, so they're perfect for any days out!

Are there any bargains you've found lately? what your go-to shop when your bank account isn't as full as you'd like?

Chanel x

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