Thursday, 6 March 2014


(coat - Topshop, Jumper - Topshop, Skirt - ASOS, Bag - River Island, Necklace -New Look, Shoes - Missguided)

Today I'm feeling very pastel, possibly more than usual. I've been heavily influence by Elle Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen's outfits yesterday at the Miu Miu show, and couldn't bare to stick to dull, winter colours any longer!

I invested in the coat towards the end of last winter, I had a complete melt down over the colour and couldn't resist, although it's been over shadowed by my pink fluffy coat, which is more or less the same style. I paired it with my pastel pink jumper, and a black, leather skirt (you know I love mixed my textures lately) The bag was a gift a couple of christmas' ago, and sadly I don't get to use it as often as I'd like too. 
Incase you didn't notice, I have some pink bits in my hair also. I've tested out Bumble & Bumble's spray chalk in rose, which I bought my sister for Christmas but she hasn't used. I'll be posting a proper review of it later in the week.

How was pancake day for everyone? Are you giving up anything for lent?
I've decided to give up online shopping, it's only been two days and I can already feel the cracks beginning to show!

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