Thursday, 3 April 2014


(Dress - Primark, Cardigan - River Island(Stole from my mom's wardrobe), Shoes - Missguided, Bracelet - Thomas Sabo)

I'm supposed to be saving all my hard earned pennies for my trip to Mexico this summer, but when I visited Selfridges in the week, I couldn't help but stop by the little Primark section. I found this lovely little gem, a gingham, shift dress, absolutely perfect. It screams 1960s, and I feel like a little doll wearing it. The best part, is that it was only £10! It rides up a little when wearing it, so I had to keep pulling it down, but it's nothing I can't live with for that price. I paired it with my fave colour ever, pastel pink. 
I'm forever stealing this fluffy, pink cardigan from my mom's wardrobe, in fact I think I talked her into buying it, only because I could steal it occasionally. I don't really wear cardigans much anymore, I think they've been massively over shadowed by jumpers and boyfriend jackets/coats, but, since the weather is getting warmer I thought this was more suitable than a large coat.
I definitely feel like a 1960s Cher Horowitz in this, and like every other girl on the planet, I'm so into Clueless inspired fashion lately (Ugh, AS IF)

(As soon as the weather get's warmer, I'll be taking more outfit posts outside, because it's a little dull just seeing them in my dining room against a blank wall)

- Also, I've set up a depop account, I'll be adding some stuff to it in the next few days if you want to check it out. My user is Chanel_WNDRLND.

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So fancy.

Chanel x