Wednesday, 11 June 2014


(Kimono- ASOS, Dress - H&M, Sandals - New Look, Midi Rings - Topshop)

My favourite time of year begins in just a couple of weeks, Festival season! I know the whole festival fashion thing is massively over done, but it's my most favourite style and I spend months in the winter, wishing I could get away with just throwing a kimono on and unleashing my pasty legs upon the world, so for the rest of the month, and probably well into July, my posts are going to be very festival-ly. 

As the weather has been relatively warm lately, I'm using it as an excuse to try out some outfits I could pack with me to my beloved fields. 
Ok, I'm a little optimistic with the sandals, and I don't think they'll be squeezing into my backpack in two weeks time, but look how lovely these are. I picked them up from New Look last week, and they're perfect for almost any outfit. Shout out to New Look for being so on point with their footwear this season. 
I bought this kimono at the end of last summer in the ASOS sale, so I doubt they're still online anywhere, but I feel like Kimono's are such a staple in the summer, but are mostly quite pricey. So my tip for any other hippy wanna-bes like me, if you see any colourful kimonos in this years sales, get it. Don't even think about it, buy that Kimono. You can thank me next summer for that advice.

Festivals are a place where I feel like you can really experiment with your style, and be a lot more outlandish than you might at home. So, I'll be packing loads of bright colours, along with copious amount of glitter with me. 

What are you festival staples? and what are you planning on taking with you this summer? let me know in comments :)

Chanel x

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