Sunday, 15 March 2015


Happy Mothers day to all the mammy's out there.
(If your mother is no longer with you, I'm very sorry and my thoughts are with you on this day)

If you are lucky enough to be able to spend time with your mom today, I hope you are spoiling her as best as you can. I will no doubt be waking my mom up with a cuppa and breakfast in bed, then later enjoying a meal out with her, basically treating her so well that she'll have no choice but to forgive me when she see's that I've published so many retro photographs of her.

So, Mom, I'm not sure publicly embarrassing you will win me any brownie points, or make for an appreciated mothers day gift. But because I haven't quite figured out how to express my deeper feelings for the ones I truly love yet (something I've probably inherited from you), I just wanted to put a post together to show how damn stylish you've been  over the years, because, if there's one person that loves to shop more than I do, it's you. Yes, you are living proof that shopping addictions are hereditary, and that shopoholism is in my blood. 

Mother dearest, you are my world. 

your favourite daughter ;)

(and I'm sorry there isn't a picture here thats less than twenty years old.. you still dress good, gurl)

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