Saturday, 23 January 2016


Let's be be real for moment, it ain't legs out weather right now in the UK. You won't even catch me up in the clurrrb without a pair of 60 deniers on. Brave against the cold, i am not, but I am also not a complete psychopath that would put a pair of black tights with a white two-piece that was made for the summer. Time to fess up, a fashion blogger i am not, I'm just a mere gal with a love of clothes who occasionally likes to blog about it, who also may get side-tracked with things like real life.
When i agreed to pop this sweet little set upon my blog it was way back when the sun actually came out. A little out of time this may be, also because I don't think this is even in stock anymore, HOWEVER, it's from an up and coming company called luxemme, over here, who have many, many other lovely things that combine manchester cool with paris chic.

The two-piece itself has little eyelet detailing on the top half, along with tie up sides and scallop cutting around the edge. The material is just right, and I mean this as you have to be careful with white, too thick and well, not ideal for summer. Too thin and everyone knows what colour you knickers are wearing. I paired it with ankle boots and fuex suede jacket, I felt too exposed without it. But also because it felt a little too girlie on it's own. 


  1. Love this two-piece and the white looks gorgeous with the mustard! I bet you can't wait for summer so you can wear it <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  2. Really LOVE your blog! I've just started up my own, would really appreciate it if you would take a look!


  3. Nice jacket and hat :)
    Maria V.