Wednesday, 1 June 2016


(okay, actually four nights)

San Francisco is even prettier in real life, the cute houses, the scenery (didn't enjoy the hills so much though) and all the quirky little places in between. We spent our second morning walking down towards the bay area in the sunshine, people watching San Fran's citizens walking their dogs and playing "soccer", and the only thing we kept saying to one another was, "They don't even know how lucky they are". And they don't. I'm sure they absolutely adore their city, but they probably have no idea how the other half live. I have a friend at work who's originally from California, and she is so gutted she now lives in the West Midlands, with no beach and definitely no sunshine, because she didn't really know what she was letting go of at the time. 

That's what I find absolutely amazing when I go away any where, that all these people actually live here? and this just their regular lives.. not a part of two week trip they spent months looking forward too.. although I'm sure they have their own vacations planned (the grass is always greener and such) I fell in love with San Francisco right away, I just wish I could love my home town half as much.

Chanel x

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