Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Crop Tshirt - Primark
Skirt - Zara
Jacket - Topshop
Boots - ASOS

Hola, bit of a late post today (and also overdue) it's just a quick outfit post.
Last night I went to see one of my favourite bands, Foals, with one of my good friends. We started the evening of with my first trip to Wagamamas, yum, and then headed to the o2 Academy. Foals were absolutely incredible, as always, such an energetic band. Lead singer, Yannis Philippakis, attempted to jump from the balcony, into the crowd, but was man handled away by security, which was followed by a chorus of Boos from almost everyone in the room. They were supported by Cage the Elephant, a band who were equally as energetic, I was actually really impressed, which doesn't happen a lot with support bands, they had definitely gotten the crowd warmed up for the main act. I came home bruised, battered and covered in beer. It was definitely a great start to my year of gigs, being my first one of 2014.

I based this outfit mainly around the biker jacket, I always take a jacket with me to gigs, because it's far too cold to not wear one, but too much hassle taking a big coat and waiting for the cloakroom. So I decided to take a little leather with me so I could tie it around my waist during the gig. I've had the boots and t-shirt both since summer, and am just starting to dig them out of my wardrobe more. The skirt is a recent purchase, I've had my eye on it (and the co-ord jacket) for a while, but luckily for me (and my bank account) it's been reduced in the sale, it's so lovely, a little short, but since I'm only 5"1, that suits me perfectly.

Are there any style tips you have for gigs/concerts, any items you HAVE to take with you, or items you cannot stand people having with them? (for me it's back packs and bushy pony tails)


  1. I absolutely love this skirt and the whole look :) Gisforgingers xx

  2. Hey I love your blog, great work :) please come and have a look at mine. If you decide to follow me, leave me a comment and I’ll follow you back :) xx

  3. Love your skirt! What I always wear to concerts is jeans and a real nice shirt, because I've gone through so much outfits in concerts and none make me feel as comfortable as jeans, as it sometimes gets cold at nights and shorts are a good idea at daytime but by the end of concerts, I feel like I'm turning into a popsicle.