Thursday, 13 February 2014


Hello! As you're all probably well aware, it's Valentines Day tomorrow, and if you have a special someone in your life who you have plans with, well, good for you. However I've put this little post together for all my fellow singletons out there! 

I've spent the past three years on my own for this day, and actually it doesn't bother me (we're the lucky ones really!) I understand that this day can bring a lot of lonely feelings on for some people, so here's some tips on how to enjoy the day.

I saw this phrase the other day on Tumblr, and it's been whizzing around my head ever since. Get together with any of your single friends, go out for food or drinks (celebrate the joys of single hood!)  or stay in and watch movies, order junk food. Surround yourself with the people that mean the most to you, buy them flowers, they could be feeling pretty lonely too. 

If even all your single friends have dates too, Don't worry, I'm very good at spending time by myself so I have a few more ideas...

Run yourself a bath, add your favourite bath bomb (treat yourself to ballistic from Lush, you deserve it) Light candles, stick a playlist of all your favourite songs on..sit back, relax and enjoy.

Okay, so you've got no-one else to cook for, but that also means you have no-one else to please, see how much better it is being on your own. Cook your absolute favourite meal, no matter how unhealthy it may or may not be, or something you haven't had in years, something that takes you back to your childhood. Not forgetting the best part about any meal, DESSERT, Go crazy, have five, who cares, it's not like anyone's there to judge you.

Have a movie marathon, watch your favourite romantic movie, or gory horror, or cheesy 80's flick, watch and do whatever makes YOU feel GOOD ;)

I repeat, stay off all social media. It's hard, and you'll probably be dyyyyingg to brag about how much of a great time you're having this year without your ex anyway, but I promise you, all you'll find from this are instagrams of roses and soppy facebooks status, or even worse, the bitter people complaining about how much Valentines is a waste of everyones time, and maybe it is, but you don't need that negativity in your life, Good vibes only guys. Stay off all social media.

Buy yourself chocolates, flowers, and that pair of shoes you've had your eyes on the past two weeks. Your bank balance may not thank you, but this time next year, you might actually have to spend YOUR own money on somebody else?! So enjoy being single on Valentines day whilst it lasts. I know I've already spend a small fortune today on myself, oops. 

Do you have any plans for tomorrow? or do you pretty much have the same ideas as me? 

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  1. This post totally rocks! These are all great ideas.

    Saba x