Friday, 23 May 2014


Label.M Powder Colour Spray* 

It's very rare that I'm not longing for gorgeous, multi-coloured rainbow hair. However, the company I work for don't really approve of having hair colour that is too out there. So, of course, an opportunity I have to make my rainbow locks dreams come true, i like to take. 
I received these four cans a couple of weeks ago, I was testing them out for Poppy Dinsey (my review, and the other ladies that tried them out are in this post) and the girls at Label M kindly sent me all four colour sprays for me to try. They're £9.95 each to buy (here), and compared to other coloured hair spray out there, I'd say these are well worth the money.

They're easy to apply, and just as easy to rinse out when you've had enough. I mixed the blue and purple together, and then the red and pink (although you can't really see the pink in my bun) They work well on both Blonde and Brunette hair too! They give you a really strong colour, without using too much product, so I have plenty left to take with me to festivals over the summer!

The only downfall of these sprays, is that they're a little dry on my hair, but nothing too major. I'd say the best colour spray I've used is the bumble & bumble one I reviewed here, but for the size of the cans and price, these from label m are much better value, and you get A LOT more for your money. 

How do you think these sprays look? Fancy trying them out for yourself? let me know in the comments below :)

Chanel x

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