Wednesday, 4 June 2014


A couple of sunday's ago, me and two of my friends finally took a trip to the Warner Bro's Studio tour - the making of Harry Potter. I've been absolutely dying to go since it opened, being a MASSIVE Harry Potter for years, it was a huge deal. I can't describe the visit as anything but magical. I won't spoil it for those who haven't been yet, but I definitely recommend it if you're a big fan of all things Hogwarts. 

We were there for around 3 and a half hours, we didn't feel rushed at all, and the only things we had to wait for were the souvenir pictures on the broom and for butter beer outside. We were really lucky with the weather, so we sat outside for a good 45 minutes just enjoying the sun. I took full advantage of walking across the famous Hogwarts bridge outside (as you can see in my photo, I don't know why I wasn't cast in the film, I really don't) I found the butterbeer delicious, but I had to help my friend finish hers, so it isn't to everyone's taste as it's really sweet.

This post was more a photo heavy post, and not much I type does the actual tour much justice. The only thing is, it is a little pricey I find, however it's such a unique attraction and really worth it if you're into the films (and equally the books, of course) Just, take lots of money if you're planning on going, the gift shop afterwards is ridiculous, they have everything. I came home with a deathly hallows keyring and a pygmy puff. 

Have you visited the Harry Potter tour yet? What did you think? let me know in comments.

Chanel x

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