Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Ah Florence, lovely little Florence. One beautiful city that I was not all that interested in visiting, until I suggested a trip to Venice to my boyfriend, and he was adamant about paying a visit to Florence whilst we were in the country. So, we came to the agreement, three days in Venice, three days in Florence. Deal. So after our two nights up in Venice, we jumped on the train down to Florence, which was surprisingly a lot more easy than I imagined. 
We arrived tuesday evening, and were instantly hit with the tuscan sunshine, a completely different vibe to Venice, but still very chilled out to how I know cities in England. As we arrived pretty late, most place shops were closing up, we walked past a man shutting his shop up with a glass of red in hand, oh the Italians know exactly how to live.
If you're thinking about a city break in Italy, I would urge you with all my might to go to Florence. It's a very artsy place with a lot of character and energy. We spent our days meandering around the streets, eating ice cream and stalking Tom Hanks (Yes really, he was out there filming the new Da Vinci Code movies with Felicity Jones)
We stayed in a lovely little hotel (Hotel Panorama) which I would also recommend for your visit, reasonable price and a fantastic view from our room and the breakfast area. 

I will be following this post up with "things to do in Florence" very soon.

Chanel x


  1. Looking forward to your next post :) Florence looks gorgeous!! <3 Gisforgingers xx

    1. Thank you Claire, it was absolutely beautiful xx