Sunday, 4 March 2018


Alright, my name is Chanel and I'm 27 years and 2 months old, which is 7 years older than I was when I first posted on here. I haven't blogged for 18 months, which came down to lack of motivation and a questioning of whether I really wanted to be apart of this industry. I'm still not sure about that question, but I really miss writing. When I'm bored I re-read my old blog posts, and I actually enjoy them, So I suppose if I enjoy writing and even reading my writing, then I figured that not much else matters *insert shrug emoji*

So, after weeks -maybe months- of trying to convince myself otherwise, I have finally decided to return. To give this blogging thing another go, not for numbers, or internet fame or any other agenda aside from giving myself a hobby and a creative outlet. Which I think is hugely important in this little short life of ours, finding something we enjoy and giving it our free time (as much or as little as that may be)

So let me re-introduce myself here,
*Ahem* Hi, I'm Chanel. I'm 27 years old and still get ID-ed at pubs. I have blonde hair, but it's not natural. I've been dying it since I was about 13 years old. I learned to read pretty early in life, but never quite got the hang of tying my shoelaces until I was about 9. I can't whistle, a fact I have both come to terms with and have known my entire life, yet, I still give it my best effort every time the topic comes up.

My childhood consisted of Pokemon, SM:TV and caravan holidays to Skegness. The first time I went abroad I was 14 and went to Italy on a school ski trip. I'm very fortunate in that I have been abroad many times since, and like most people, there's not many places in the world I don't want to see - I blame Lara Croft (a huge female icon of my childhood, alongside Ginger Spice, Misty from Pokemon and Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

I haven't changed much since childhood, I'm still painfully shy but I like to make people laugh. I haven't grown much since then either (standing at the towering heights of 5'1)

I love dogs, I have two chihuahuas, Bambi and Chloe. But my first love was a Shar-Pei named Jessie.
Last year, I made a resolution to stop buying make-up by brands that test on animals, and I haven't broken that since.
I tried being vegetarian but I only last two weeks.

I spend most my money on gigs and festivals. The first concert I ever went to was S Club 7 and 10 year old me lost her shit. But my first "gig" was Taking Back Sunday, at the old Carling Academy in Birmingham city centre. I loved that place, it was right next to a McDonalds and my bus stop to get home, but like most of the best venues in Birmingham, it no longer exsists.
I went to my first Festival at 17, it was Glastonbury, I fell in love with it instantly and I have been lucky enough to attend every Glasto since.

My school life was fine,but  I don't agree with the statement of it being "The best days of your life", I got teased a lot for wearing baggy trousers and black pencil eyeliner in year 8, but it trained me to be witty (character building if you like)
 I loved sixth form - FYI, I studied A-Levels in English Literature, Media and Photography (I still regret not picking up drama but hey ho) I made great friends in those two years, who are still some of my best friends today.
I did another year of art college before finally giving the uni thing a go, I attempted living in halls for one night before I dramatically stuffed everything in a black bin bag and called my step dad to pick me up. I continued to commute to uni from home for another two years before giving up (not a great time for my mental health) But the only thing I regret is not giving it up sooner.

At the moment, I am working full time in an office, still living at home with my mom and step dad and spend too much money on clothes that I don't wear often enough. I'm trying to be better with my money. In fact, I'm just trying to be better.


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