Monday, 24 February 2014



Happy Monday everyone! Today I'm feeling slightly more down than usual on a monday, but only because last night I went to see the angel that is Beyonce. I've definitely got a big case of the post-Bey blues, she was incredible! I've put together a little post of my outfit, and also a little photo diary to go along with it. I've tried to mix them together, but I'm not sure if it would have been better to put all the outfits photos together first (suggestions for next time?)

(Dress -, Boots - New Look, Jacket - Topshop, Bag - ASOS, Bow - official Beyonce merch)
With this, I played with black & pink, a lot like Bey's album cover. I never usually get so dressed up when I go to gigs and stuff, but it's BEYONCE so I felt like I should just make an effort. I've had the dress about a month, and only wore it once, but I adore it, the colour, the shape, THE POCKETS. I paired it with these chelsea boots from New Look, which don't look OTT, but they definitely give me a lot of height so I can see a little better. Again, I took my faux leather biker jacket with me, because it's easy to wrap around my waist.
Look how cute the headband is?! it was a hefty £15, but me and all five of my friends bought one and they're so cute. They were actually really handy as not that many people bought them so we could easily find one another in the crowd.
I'm actually really happy with this outfit choice, a lot of the girls last night were dressed up and looked gorgeous.

This is the third time I've seen Bey, and it was definitely my favourite of them all. She played ALOT of songs from her new album, which I haven't been able to turn off since she unexpectedly dropped in December. She had two stages, and we were pretty close to the second one, so whenever she jumped on there we got a wonderful view. She had SO MANY outfit changes, but carries it off really well, you never felt like you were waiting that long for her. As expected her voice is incredible, and the show was really well put together. I saw the MRS Carter tour last year, and she's made some tweaks in it since then, but it's definitely for the better. The only thing I'd change is how she ends the show. She sings Halo (beautifully) then proceeds to thank her all female dancers, all female band, and crew and then leaves. I know that thank you's to everyone else behind the show are important, but if we could've got one more song for us to leave with, it would have been PERFECT.
One thing I love about Beyonce, is the all female band she has, it definitely boosts my respect for female artists when I see they are actively finding other female artists to collaborate with. Beyonce's tickets were £68 in total, and I'd happily pay it to go and see her again, she is most definitely worth every penny. Flawless.

Are you much of a fan of Beyonce? or do you have another idol you're dying to see live?

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