Friday, 28 February 2014


Hello everyone, as I posted earlier in the week, I went to London on Wednesday to attend the NME Awards. Me and my friend, Katie, got tickets a few weeks back and decided to use it as an excuse to have a little adventure in London. We stayed over night, and got ourselves quite a fancy hotel for a really good price from, using the top secret hotel choices they have. We're so used to travel lodges that we felt quite posh staying in a 4*. We spent the Wednesday travelling to London, eating nandos, finding our hotel and then getting ready for the event. 

(outfit - Blazer - Zara, Blouse - ASOS, Jeans - Topshop, Boots - New Look, bag - ASOS)
The images of my outfit are a tad yellow, that's what happens when you're trying to work with hotel room lighting I guess. I had planned what I was wearing weeks in advance, as soon as the blazer arrived at my house, I knew it would be perfect for an event like this. I did buy it with the matching skirt (which I wore a few weeks back here) But I decided to play it down a bit, and wear it with jeans. I felt quite masculine in this outfit,  a bit like a psychedelic Mia Wallace. The jeans and blouse are items I've owned for a while, and are staple items I guess, I wear them all the time and they match almost anything. 

The awards themselves were pretty cool, it was a nice excuse for a night out in London, and it's great to see a few bands also (even though the majority of bands that performed I'm not huge fans of) but I did get to see Debbie Harry in the flesh so you know, swings and roundabouts. 
We managed to spot a few celebs, we arrived late, but so did Lily Allen, we caught her on the way into the awards and I almost had a meltdown because she's definitely my favourite pop star, like, ever. We caught a few glimpses of the gorgeous Daisy Lowe (and saw her again the day after in Topshop) and Alana (baby) Haim. 
The awards are generally there to kiss the arses of all the musicians, and you definitely don't feel very special unless you've got a table, however, it's not everyday you're in the same room as Paul McCartney, Damon Albarn and Johnny Marr. 
Afterwards, we found a mad little bar in Camden, just opposite the roundhouse, it was very small but the atmosphere in there was ridiculous. Joes, I believe it was called, they played all old-school rhythm and blues, and going back to the pulp fiction reference with my outfit, it felt very much like THIS scene. 

We spent the thursday shopping on Oxford street, and shovelling american BBQ food into our mouth. We visited our favourite restaurant in London, Bodeans, I can't recommend this place enough, the food is beautiful and so delicious, my mouth is watering just thinking about. They also do some great little cocktails to wash your food down with. We both had the pulled pork sandwhich, and it was just about the right size with no sides (we made that mistake last time) I definitely think everybody should eat here if you're into BBQ meat and are in London at any point, they have about four (I think they're developing a 5th) different restaurants scattered around the city. 

Do you know of any food places that you can't get enough of? Either in London, or another city?
let me know in comments, I looove trying new places when I'm travelling around.

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  1. So jealous you saw Debbie Harry, I'm a big Blondie fan! I love trying new food places I will have to hunt down Bodeans. I recommend Meat Mission and Byron they do the best burgers in London, also if your ever in Southend / Leigh-On-Sea go to Henry Burgers!