Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Over a month ago, I ventured down to Somerset for my favourite thing in the entire universe, Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performance Arts, aka, Glasto. It was my 6th time there, and there were a hefty twelve of us in total, slightly less than last year. We headed down early (3am) Wednesday morning and pitched up at usual spot, opposite the other stage. 

Wednesday and Thursday allow you to explore the whole place before the main music starts on the Friday. Unlike most festivals, there's still plenty to do on these days. On Wednesday we took towards the Park, and aimed to reach the big "Glastonbury" sign on the top of hill, it was baking so we didn't quite make it that far. We mostly chilled and did our own thing. On the evening we found ourselves in a "secret" silent disco, hosted by everyones favourite indie night, Propaganda. We howled along to Queen, The Smiths and Frozen's Let it Go until 3am. 

Thursday was slightly more eventful, we headed up to Croissant Neuf for Glastonbury regulars, Biggles Wartime Band. An act that is very silly, and a lot of fun. Something to really get your weekend going. Afterwards we went to explore the greenpeace field, which I adored last year because of all the fake snow. This year, they out did themselves, with a giant polar bear puppet named Aurora. It's the small things like this that make Glastonbury what it is, and sets it apart from anything else. Glastonbury always have some sort of secret guest on the thursday evening, this year we went to the Williams Green tent and found ourselves watching the 1975 (who's songs all same exactly the same) and Metronomy. Neither really impressed me, but it was a nice way to start the night. The Thursday night time we found ourselves getting lost in the South East corner (something I didn't get many pictures of) Which consists of waterfalls, heaven and hell themed raves, Bez's Acid House and a block of flats with a london underground tube crashed into the side with a club on the inside. As mad as that all sounds, on the way home from partying all night, we discovered a small stage which was being Dj'd by Power Rangers, as if our night hadn't been filled with enough obscurity. 

Part two to follow..


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