Friday, 1 August 2014


(Kaiser Chefs, Blondie, Bands of Skulls, Haim, Lily Allen, Arcade Fire)
Friday morning we were awoken by the racket that is Ricky Wilson of the Kasier Chiefs voice. They opened the other stage as secret guests. They were followed by Blondie, and the ever amazing Debbie Harry looked and sounded wonderful. The first time we moved from our camp chairs was to go and watch Haim, who were incredible as they always are. They were followed by what I like to call, the apocalypse. It hammered it down and we ran to take shelter in our tents. It wasn't long before the thunder was kicking off also. A lot of was called off due to the weather, and a lot of acts were cut short. Whilst the weather calmed down we walked to the Pyramid to catch Lily Allen, whom I love with every fibre of my being, I cannot sing that womans praises enough. Sadly, because of the weather her set was cut a little short, and we also missed Paolo Nutini who I really wanted to see. We closed the night with Arcade Fire, an act I was so so so excited to finally see headline the pyramid. I danced, I sang and I even cried a little. They were perfect. I covered myself in sequins and glitter just for them. Unbelievable set. 

(Bombay Bicycle Club, Jack White, Pixies, Jake Bugg, Disclosure DJ set)
The first act on Saturday we set out to see were Royal Blood, but on the way we were side tracked by a sign at the BBC Introducing stage, announcing that one of my favourite bands, Bombay Bicycle Club, were doing a secret set. So of course I sacked Royal Blood off and got to the barrier and waited an hour for Jack Steadman and co. The intimacy of the tent was so nice, and it was a short set of 5 or 6 songs, but seeing them so close was wonderful. When we met with our friends who went to see Royal Blood, we found out that they had actually bumped into Paolo Nutini! who was apparently very lovely and friendly (my other friend met Alexa Chung the same day, who was also apparently very nice and talkative) The closest I had gotten to any celeb action this year was spotting Chloe Howl walking around. The big talk of Glastonbury 2014 were of course, Metallica, and I was prepared to go and see them. However, we decided as a spur of the moment that we would go and see Disclosure DJ the Arcadia stage at 1am, which meant leaving early to miss the crowds from the headliners so we could get a comfortable spot. No ragrets (more on Saturday coming in my best moments post)

(The Subways, Lucy Rose, Dolly Parton, The Horrors, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Black Keys, Kasabian)
Sunday I was awoken by the soundtrack to some of my mid-teenage years, The Subways. It was a nostalgic affair. The big moment of the day was obviously going to watch Dolly. However, we were stood pretty far towards the back and the sound wasn't as clear as it usually is at that spot for some reason, and we could barely hear her. Which was so devastating  as we were all really looking forward to her. I've heard nothing but great things from other people who had seen her that weekend, and we still sang along to Jolene, but it was a little disheartening. Shortly after, we raced round to the other stage to catch our second dose of Bombay Bicycle Club, who were just as amazing as the day before, if not better, However, towards the end of their set, it really started to hit me that it was nearly all over, and there were only two more acts to go. The Black Keys were brilliant, as they always are, but the highlight of my entire weekend, came in the form of my favourite band in the world, Kasabian. I had seen them the weekend before at their homecoming gig in leicester, and this was the 13th I had seen them, and no doubt, the best. They absolutely deserved that spot, and there's nothing more touching than knowing a band appreciates being there (something I've noticed ALL three headliners this year did) 
We spent the rest of the night dancing in rum bars, silent discos and to any music we could find. We finally reached that Glastonbury sign we set out for on the first day, we sat next to it, thought about our amazing week and had a little cry. 
Until 2015 Glastonbury..

Best moments post to follow..


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