Saturday, 30 August 2014


Ben De Lisi x Ryvita special editon tin*

Food related posts aren't my usual forte, but when I was contacted by Ryvita to take part in their upcoming relaunch, I couldn't possibly say no. I am such a huge fan of Ryvita, they've been my go to snack for years now, and with more and more products coming out by the brand, they're more versatile than ever.

I have been lucky enough to be sent this special edition tin to keep my Ryvita's in, designed by world famous designer, Ben De Lisi. The tin it's self is so colourful and bright, it stands out as a statement piece in any kitchen, plus it keeps your Ryvita tasting fresh. I absolutely adore the design on the tin, so abstract and colourful. If you fancy a tin for yourself, you can pick one up for £7.49 at from September. 

Along with the tin, I was kindly sent a packet of Pumkin seed & oats and Fruit crunch crispbread. I am all over the Fruit Crunch with Nutella and Raspberries all over them, I've demolished the whole pack sent to me (whoops) and will definitely be rushing out to pick up more to pop in my tin. 

What are you thoughts on the new tin? Do you have any favourite recipes to go with Ryvita? let me know in the comments :)

Chanel x

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