Thursday, 21 August 2014


Kimono (topshop)
Cropped Shirt (Missguided)
Trousers (ASOS)
Fluffy Bag (River Island)
Shoes (topshop)
Hat (River Island/asos - similar, kind of (not really))

So very sorry about being back to taking my outfit posts inside, this is due to a mix of bad weather and my go-to photographer is on holiday and it's waaaay easier to do it myself inside (even if the quality of these images are well, crap)  I've spoilt myself last payday, and as a holiday to mexico is fast approaching, it's something I'm almost regretting, however, look how great all these things look!! 
I've wanted a feather bag for so so long, and everytime (EV.ER.Y.TIME) I see one I like, I never have the money to buy and then it's sold out by the time I have. So, I indulged on this coral babe. It looks very perfect, but it's even smaller than it looks :(
I've been wearing this kimono loads lately, probably because it's so versatile, but mostly because I feel like an Olsen twin wearing it. I've had to talk myself out of taking it on holiday with me, sob. 
I also nabbed this hat in the Asos sale for £13, It fits my childishly small head just fine, it truly is the hat of dreams.

Chanel x

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