Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Believe it or not, I actually love a bit of mud. There's nothing like the hilarity of clinging on to your mate just so you can keep your balance. I got lucky this year, and didn't fall over it in once. However, the depth of the mud is something else, my legs have well and truly had their exercise for the year.

During Haim's set on Friday, there was a very dramatic split in the sky, one half pleasant, the other half filled with doom. Within a second of the Californian sisters exiting the stage, the first few drops of rain began to fall. It wasn't long before we were hiding in our tents, sheltering from the storm. All good fun of course.

Bombay Bicycle Club's Secret Set
Saturday afternoon we were heading down to see Royal Blood, instead we found a sign outside the BBC introducing stage which read  "Bombay Bicycle Club secret set @ 3", naturally we ran inside the tent, stood next to the barrier and waited over an hour for them, despite knowing they were playing again tomorrow. They were outstanding, as they always are, and we were so so so close to Jack Steadman. What a wonderful little experience.

Sacking Off Metallica For a Giant Spider
Saturday night saw one of the most controversial headliners since Jay-Z played in 2008. I was all prepared to go and watch Metallica and see what they had for us, until we decided we wanted to watch Disclosure DJ the Arcadia at 1am. Knowing the night time areas well, we knew we'd have to set off before any of the headliners finished to get a comfortable spot close to the spider. We sat in our tent, drank and sang along to Jake Bugg (despite slagging him off all weekend) we eventually left half way through his set and headed towards this monstrosity. The structure itself has mechanical arms, laser beams and shoots fire out the top... not your every day dj set.

Crying Along to Arcade Fire
A moment I absolutely couldn't wait for were Arcade Fire's headlining set on Friday night. I covered my face in glitter, and wore my favourite sequin dress. If you don't know Arcade Fire, they've recently been asking people that are attending their gigs to dress up and fully encourage you to go all out, Glastonbury was no exception for me. The set opened with Fireworks, closed with confetti and I danced and sang along the whole time. By the time they were ending, they finished with Wake Up, a song I joked I would be crying to for the 6 months leading up to the festival. As the first note of that song was played, my eyes were welling up, despite all my joking, I was infact deadly serious. It's not like me to get emotional at gigs, I'm not one of those people. But the moment just felt very special, and something I was waiting for for so so long, I couldn't help the tears streaming down my face. What an unbelievable band they are.

Hanging Out With The Pa
Glastonbury is a family affair for me, for the 6 times i've been going, I've always been in the company of my dad. He brings along his mates, and I bring along mine and we all forget about the age differences for those 5 days and we all get along like best pals. I don't live with my dad, and my parents have been split up since I was about five years old, one thing me and dad really bond about is our love of music. In 2007,  after I had spent a weekend in June watching Glastonbury on the telly, I declared to my dad that I just had to go one year, he said pretty much said right there and then that we'd go the following year if we got tickets, and we've been going to every festival since. 

Skulls Masks at Kasabian
My favourite act of the weekend (and my favourite band ever) were Kasabian. We got down the front, and jumped and danced along for the two hours they were on. My friend Charlotte and me managed to get ourselves on of their Skull masks they were giving out as a little souvenir for the weekend. As they ended with LSF, I had talked one of our male friends, Jamie into letting me on his shoulders for their final song. It was an incredible sight from up high (especially only being used to seeing at a 5"1 height) Their whole set was split evenly between all five albums and they played all their biggest hits from each, they're a band that never disappoint live, and they were even more spectacular that night, Seeing how much the spot on Sunday night, closing the biggest festival in the UK meant to the band, and how truly appreciate they were, the tears almost came out again for them, but I kept it together.. for the meantime anyway.

These Ladies
I spent the majority of the weekend sharing alcohol with these girls and clinging on to them as we waded through the mud. Although I stand by the fact that Glastonbury is the best festival in the world, sometimes it's the people you're with that make it just that little bit more special.

The Last Few Hours
Monday morning came around fast, and by 4am we were sat at the top of the hill at the Park, next to the Glastonbury sign, overlooking the entire festivals. We sat in silence whilst we all reflected on our weekend. It wasn't long before a couple of us were in tears. I can't describe this festival to anyone who hasn't been, simply because, you won't understand until you try it for yourself. The Glastonbury blues hit hard before we had even left the field. See you in 2015 Worthy Farm.


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