Tuesday, 23 September 2014


So, I got home from the holiday of a life time about a week ago exactly now, and looking back at all these pictures just makes me miss it more than ever. This is just a little photo diary I put together from our first week, and a second week version will follow. I visited Cancun, Mexico for two weeks with two of my best friends, the three amigos indeed. The whole trip was jam packed with fun, activities and plenty of experiences that I will never forget. We stayed at the Temptation Spa Resort, right on the corner from the main strip of Cancun, which was perfect since the water there is a lot more calm than it is around the corner, perfect for taking a little, relaxing dip in the Caribbean ocean. We had read reviews on Trip advisor before we left, and we were a little anxious about staying there due to the adult nature of the hotel, and a couple of "swinger" rumours knocking around. However, we arrived and it was everything we had hoped for and more. The staff were friendly, the fellow holiday-makers were friendly and the place was gorgeous. 

Within the first week we had explored all the hotel had to offer (five restaurants, three pools and a plenty of water sports on the beach) We did zip lining, cave swimming and buggy driving in the jungle at Xplor, We swam with the dolphins at Wet n Wild (Which I wouldn't recommend, they completely rip you off with photo prices and we've found out afterwards that you get a much better deal over at Dolphin Discovery over at Isla Mujeres) and my absolute highlight of the holiday, swimming with whale sharks in the middle of the ocean!! I do have a few photo's from that day, but since I didn't take them, I didn't feel comfortable putting them on here, but take my word for it, it was incredible. After we took a dive with the sharks, our tour took us to the little island opposite Cancun (Isla Mujeres) and we ate nachos in the sea. The first week went unbelievably fast, and we were into our second week before we had a chance to take everything in...

 Chanel x

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