Sunday, 19 October 2014


Our second week in Cancun came around unbelievably quick (and was over just as soon) 
After having a fun, action packed first week, we decided to chill out a bit more during the second week. Although we still had plenty of energy left for some local sight seeing. Being in Mexico, it felt only right that we paid a visit to one of the seven wonders of the world, Chichen-Itza. I'd say it was worth seeing, however, it is a very long walk around with the tour guide, and incredibly hot. I'm happy to say I saw it, and took in a bit of Mayan history, but I wouldn't be rushing back there if I were to go Mexico again. On the way back from the Mayan ruins, the tour guide took us to a local Cenote, a giant sink hole filled with water, it was gorgeous, but we decided to not take our cameras with us so we have no photos (something we all regret deeply)

During the second week, we also decided it was time to catch up on some partying in Cancun town, so signed up for a bar crawl night with Thomas Cook, that ended in Coco Bongo. If you're gonna go out only once in Cancun, it will be to Coco Bongo. It's a nightclub and show all rolled into one, it's absolutely crazy in there. Well worth it though. 

During our second week, we also took a little boat ride on a catamaran over to Isla Murjeres again. It wasn't something we planned, and we got talked into doing by one of the staff at the hotel, but it was one of the most enjoyable days. Not only did we get to relax on a catamaran over the Caribbean, on the journey to the island, we snorkelled with the fish for a while. Then once we arrived at the island, we had an hour to explore by ourselves. So, we rented a gold buggy and drove around the coast of the island. After having a little bit of lunch on the beach, we headed back to our hotel and managed to get back into our room before a storm hit us. 

Cancun was everything I expected and more. I did once in a lifetime activities, and made plenty of friends on the way. I've had such an amazing holiday this year, I can't even think about what next years holiday will be, and can't imagine how it could possibly top it. 

Chanel x

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