Friday, 27 February 2015


With February over within a blink of an eye, this is just a little summary of all the things I've enjoyed this month. This month has been a very quiet month, but non the less, these few things have kept me going;

Valentines Day
I'm not usually one for Valentines, and we don't do anything over the top. Just some mexican grub and obnoxious cocktails. Non the less, it was a nice evening.

The new Colin Firth movie about super slick spies in suits. Despite much hype over the oscar nominated movies, this I can say I enjoyed waaay more than any film about scientists or drummers. Definitely recommend if you haven't seen it yet! You'll be surprised.

Florence & The Machine's return
Flo made her return to music this month with What kind of man, an absolute corker of a tune. It's been four years since her last record and she has been sorely missed from my life. I look forward to seeing her live again soon, hopefully this summer in field in Somerset *crosses everything*

The Oscars
Despite not being overly excited about any of the films nominated this year, I was still buzzing to see what was in store this year, and more importantly, what everyone was wearing. Admittedly, I felt a little let down by some of the choices this year, but my best dressed of the night were Emma Stone, Suki Waterhouse, Margot Robbie and Zendaya.

What were your highlights from this month? Let me know in the comments :)

Chanel x

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